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Throughout 2019 Donon Regan will be providing expert training on "The Power of Corporate Sponsorship" to Financial Companies, Law Firms, Non-Profit Organizations, Event Managers, and Professional Speakers. For further information on our curriculum and scheduling, please email: or call: 512-363-0481.

Our Mission:

Since 1990 we have been providing corporate sponsored educational events for professional hard working people. We introduced the first mainstream corporate sponsored accredited educational events in Professional Speaking, Law, Health, Science, Sports, Real Estate, Entertainment, and Professional Speaking! Our mission is to provide corporate-funded educational events that enhance the professional and personal lives of both our attendees and our corporate benefactors. Whether we are providing the best cross-examination seminar in the world for lawyers, an event on Estate Planning/Asset Protection for the high net worth public, or a seminar on a critical Health related subject, the results will always be outstanding!


The beginning of freedom is the realization that you are not the thinker. The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated. You then begin to realize that there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought, that thought is only a tiny aspect of that intelligence. You also realize that all the things that truly matter — beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace — arise from beyond the mind. You begin to awaken.

~Eckhart Tolle


important quote

To the caterpillar it's the end of the world, to the master it's a butterfly.

~Richard Bach


Come to the edge, He said. They said, We are afraid. Come to the edge, He said. They came. He pushed them...and they flew.

~Guillaume Apollinaire


I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can't see from the center.

~Kurt Vonnegut

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Our Business Focus

Since 1990 Donon Regan has produced many successful corporate sponsored events for accredited and non-accredited educational seminars in Law, Health, Science, Sports, Real Estate, and Entertainment. We also provided the first high-end corporate sponsorships in the Professional Speaking industry. Our business focus is in three specific areas:
  • Assessing educators, (professional speakers that deliver a great educational experience) for corporate partnership underwriting

  • Developing new, cutting edge, timely, educational formats targeted at career professionals and the general public

  • Creating high end target markets that produce 100% New Business relationships for our Corporate Benefactors
Event Marketing and Corporate Sponsorship Consulting Services

The great Zig Ziglar used to say: "We get what we want by helping other people get what they want first." When we provide our top sales prospects a valuable education that will enhance their lives either personally or professionally, we get their business! Producing cutting edge educational events as a marketing tool that targets your key prospects is a powerful thing! Securing corporate sponsors that underwrite your events is more than powerful, it's brilliant! Donon Regan provides Consulting Services that fully train you and your employees on our successful business model. You will know how to produce outstanding educational events and great corporate sponsors from top to bottom! If you love to speak publicly, you have marketing weapons you are not aware of! If you have an interest in knowing more, please email me at: or call 512-363-0481 today!

Donon Regan will
  • Qualify law firms and other educators that possess the ability to professionally speak and educate the public with a genuine life-enhancing message

  • Qualify law firms and other educators that can successfully represent high-end corporate partnership

  • Qualify law firms and other educators that are willing to exhibit a positive, proactive, marketing approach

  • Provide quality underwriters to cover event and marketing costs for the law firm and/or educator

  • Provide hundreds of qualified prospective clients as seminar attendees, that are specifically targeted for both the educator and corporate partner

  • Provide a customized educational event directed toward any professional group or the high-end general public

  • Provide the organizational seminar production skills necessary to secure a unique venue, format, dates, seminar marketing materials, seminar marketing direction, corporate partnership development, corporate partner marketing package, corporate partner sales, branding and image consulting, and directional duties on seminar day

  • Provide the training necessary for an individual within the law firm, medical practice, non-profit organization, or company to generate four large corporate partnered events per year, every year

  • Provide this service in a low maintenance format with only a minimum investment of hard costs

  • Provide the opportunity to film the event and develop product through the underwriting of corporate partners
Law Professionals

State Bar Associations in most States don't mind that an attorney advertises. It's the way some law firms advertise. The federal law giving attorneys the ability to advertise passed in Tucson, Arizona in 1977. Immediately, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Criminal and Family Law Firms invaded the yellow pages. At that time it was one of the only ways to reach blue-collar workers without legal representation. A full page, black & white ad in the yellow pages in 1984 was $20,000. Today it is $96,000. A very expensive lottery ticket! The back cover of the phone book is so expensive they bid on it in most large metropolitan markets. Websites are trying to be the new phone book. Getting online and searching the millions of new options through the Internet is not only time consuming, but impersonal as well. Television is out of the ball park in cost, newspaper advertising is on the way out because of the Internet and direct mail really doesn't work. Lawyers get very little, if any, direct marketing knowledge in law school. With a million lawyers practicing law today and thousands more coming out of law school yearly, the legal market is shrinking fast. If you are an accomplished speaker and want to educate the public, there is no better format today to market your law firm than through a co-op of corporate underwriters. Sponsors supply the investment for the event and the law firm supplies the education. It works. If your law firm is currently producing educational seminars and paying for it, you are leaving opportunity and a lot of revenue sitting in the middle of someone else's table. The importance of an education regarding a families financial protection is of the utmost urgency with today's scary economical situation. This means opportunity for law firms and their corporate partners alike.

Health Professionals

Health is a huge concern to every American. Physicians that have traditional, conventional, integrative, or holistic practices have a great opportunity if they have the ability to professionally speak and educate. Ideally, the relationship between physician and patient is one of equals. Ideally, traditional physicians are drifting toward a more holistic approach to healing and not just "curing a symptom" for the patient. Ideally, health care physicians of all disciplines are more concerned about the whole patient's physical, emotional and spiritual being. Other than the label, Doctor, the public knows very little about what a physician actually does and even less about prevention or healing themselves. This leaves the patient in a perpetual state of fear when they are already not feeling well in the first place. Medical and Health Practices can continually flourish with an ongoing corporate partnered educational program for any segment of the public they wish to educate. The business relationships a corporate partner could obtain from underwriting these events and educating these attendees would be fantastic. It would truly be a win, win-win situation for everyone.

Science Professionals

Balance is the key to everything in life. Science without spirituality is lame. Spirituality without science is blind. I replaced the word, Religion with, Spirituality. I don't think Albert Einstein would have disagreed. He made his remark at a symposium back in 1941. Over the past 70 years it is becoming more evident that science and spirituality are becoming one organism. It's about time. Science professionals in quantum physics, consciousness, and proven scientific futurists have knowledge we should all possess to make our lives more meaningful.

We are excited about providing corporate sponsorship opportunities for educators like Dr. David R. Hawkins, (who passed away on September 19, 2012 at the age of 85.) He was a renowned physician, psychiatrist, and pioneer in the study of consciousness and spirituality. He wrote several outstanding books, such as Power vs. Force, Transcending Levels of Consciousness, and Eye of the Eye. His foresight, brilliance, and guidance will be greatly missed. Another person to pay attention to is Ray Kurzweil, author of The Age of Intelligent Machines, The Age of Spiritual Machines, and The Singularity is Near. An excellent educational source of consciousness comes from The Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona. Dr. Deepak Chopra, J. Kristnamurti, and Eckhart Tolle are leaders in consciousness through their teachings. The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia, created by Out of Body pioneer Robert Monroe, is another organization researching and teaching ways for everyone to know more about themselves and their environment. We need to know for certain that we are not our bodies, but something much more spectacular and beautiful.

Sports and Entertainment Professionals

Sports and the Entertainment Arts have immense healing and learning properties. Educational opportunities in Sports, Music, Comedy, Drama, and the Fine Arts are incredibly important to the human being life process. We provide corporate sponsorship opportunities for great educator/speakers and talented athletes/artists within these disciplines.

Donon Regan

Donon ReganMr. Regan began his award winning sales and marketing career in the most competitive law market in the country: Phoenix, Arizona. In 1977, the federal law was passed in Arizona allowing lawyers to advertise for the first time. Phoenix was the original hot bed of law firm marketing attempts. In 1984 Mr. Regan happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right product. Mr. Regan helped introduce a new form of yellow pages to the Arizona legal market. His total focus was helping lawyers solve their marketing problems. Aside from sales training responsibilities, Mr. Regan set national sales records in yellow page sales. He set several national direct sales records including the sale of the first two-page spread in the 110 year history of the yellow pages . Most sales records he set still stand today. In 1990 Mr. Regan recognized a marketing opportunity in the Professional Speaking Industry and Real Estate Sales Training arena. It was at that time he created the first out of industry corporate sponsorship program in real estate sales training. This was an enormous help to professional speakers like Tom Hopkins, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and their attendees. In 1999, after 5 years of negotiating, Mr. Regan provided the first out of industry corporate partnership in continuing legal education through the Arizona State Bar. In 2004 he provided the first corporate partnership for professional health care providers at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. In 2006 Mr. Regan, with the help of Estate Planning Attorney Stan Byrd, produced the first corporate partnered estate planning event in the nation, to a packed house. The first event was so successful it was produced a second time with more great results. In 2018, he continues to work with great public speakers to produce innovative and pertinent educational events nationally in law, health, science, sports, real estate, and entertainment. Mr. Regan attended the University of Tennessee where he studied Fine Arts and Psychology. A born artist, Mr. Regan has a painting in the Tennessee State Art Museum requested by Governor Ray Blanton. He accepted a position with Revlon, Inc out of college as a Colorshader for the Borghese line of cosmetics. Mr. Regan is based out of Glendale, Arizona.

You can find more information about Donon Regan at LinkedIn LinkedIn

Throughout 2019 Donon Regan will be providing expert training on "The Power of Corporate Sponsorship" to Financial Companies, Law Firms, Non-Profit Organizations, Event Managers, and Professional Speakers. For further information on our curriculum and scheduling, please email: or call: 512-363-0481.


Integrity Tax and Accounting event pics
Arrowhead Country Club Event in Glendale, Arizona

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Sample of our Arrowhead Country Club Event

At Arrowhead Country Club in Glendale, Arizona, Integrity Tax and Accounting, LLC presented, "Ultimate Wealth Management, Estate Planning, Family Law and Taxes for Your Home and Office." Our "Special" Master of Ceremonies was Adam Christing from Clean Comedians! The Keynote address was delivered by Glendale Mayor Jerry P. Weiers! The corporate sponsors for this outstanding event were: Nearhood Law Offices, PLC, Eaton-Cambridge, Inc., Dickinson Wright, PLLC, Hymson Goldstein & Pantiliat, PLLC, The Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Partners in Action, Cinder, O'Kelly Art Gallery, Coyote Towing, and PrintWise.

To see the event brochure,  click here

Forakis Law Firm event pics
Our Wealth Management/Estate Planning Event with the Dbacks at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona

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Sample of our Diamondbacks Stadium event

Phoenix, Arizona: we knocked this event literally out of the ballpark to a sold out audience! "What You Need To Know To Protect Your Financial Future" presented by Bob Korljan CPA of Eaton-Cambridge, Attorney Christine Forakis with The Forakis Law Firm, and Master of Ceremony Adam Christing were absolutely magnificent! They were superb in both educating and entertaining our packed house from beginning to end! Aside from the outstanding financial education, delicious food and drink, major door prizes, (The Arizona Diamondbacks and the D-Back Foundation gave the one night use of a $2,000 suite for 18 guests and an autographed bat from Matt Williams) excellent networking opportunites, and a night game with the Diamondbacks vs The San Francisco Giants; all we saw were smiles and high fives!

To see the event brochure,  click here

Forever Young Collage
Our "Forever Young in Life and Business" Event in Phoenix, Arizona at the Ritz-Carlton

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Sample of our Ritz-Carlton event

Phoenix, Arizona at the Ritz-Carlton, "Forever Young in Life and Business: How to Protect and Enhance your Image for Success." Presented by the Clear Skin Institute of Laser Aesthetics, Eaton-Cambridge. Hosted by the Law Firm of Dickinson Wright, Coulter Cadillac, Isagenix and Cornelis Hollander. Sponsored by Fresh Start Women's Foundation, Valeant Pharmaceutical International, The Capital Grill, Das Foto Haus, Desert Song Healing Center, ABI Dermaceuticals, Casa Center for Social Change, and Biltmore Pro Print.


Eaton-Cambridge collage
Our Parman and Easterday Lakewood Ranch Event in Overland Park, Kansas

Overland Park, Kansas, "Estate Planning and Asset Protection" event. Presented by the Law Firm of Parman Easterday. Hosted by Meadowbrook Golf & Country Club, Benjamin F. Edwards & Co., Hendrick Cadillac, Pinnacle Jewelry Buyers, Leahy Chiropractic and Alpine Litho-Graphics.


Ultimate Asset Protection for your Family collage
Our "Ultimate Asset Protection for You and Your Family" in Raleigh, North Carolina

Our Raleigh, North Carolina, "Ultimate Asset Protection for You and Your Family" event. Presented by the Law Firm of W G Alexander and Associates, PLLC Attorneys. Hosted by Northridge Country Club and Small Business Insight of the Triangle. Sponsored by Leith, Inc. Mercedes-Benz, Channel ABC 11, Interim Healthcare, News Radio 680 WPTF, and Your Local Studio.


Our The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy images
Images from our seminar at the Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club in Bradenton, Florida

The Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club in Bradenton, Florida: "The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy" with Law Professor & Author Robert M. LeVine, J.D. This was an accredited educational event for 4.5 hours of Continuing Legal Education and 4.0 hours of Continuing Professional Education for CPA's. Our Corporate Sponsors were: Mercedes-Benz of Sarasota, Synovus Bank, Bright House Media Strategies, Bay News 9, The Manatee County Bar Association, The LeBoutillier Group, Blalock Walters Attorneys at Law, Mauldin & Jenkins CPA's, Axia Public Relations, Justice Investigations, Ringling Museum of Art, Silversea, Edwin Watts Golf, PCI Communications, Discover Chiropractic & Wellness, and Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club. Legal educational ground was broken in both subject matter (The UCC Made Easy) and more corporate partnerships for a CLE event in the State of Florida.
To see the event brochure,  click here

Bastyr University event images
Images from our seminar at the Colonial Country Club in Fort Myers, Florida

Ultimate Estate Planning and Asset Protection; It's Your Money, Protect it Now" featuring Josh Dorcey of the Dorcey Law Firm at the Colonial Country Club in Fort Myers, Florida. This event was presented by UBS Financial Services, The Berry and King Wealth Management Group, The Law Firm of Sheldon E. Finman, P. A., Val Ward Cadillac, The Diamond District, Waterman Broadcasting, CenturyLink Business, Gulf Coast Business Magazine, Fort Myers Regional Partnership, Troon Golf, and many more. Filming by REL Productions.

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Sample of event audience, content, and filming
at our Colonial Country Club event

2012 brochure Workbook sample

Bastyr University event images
Images from our seminar at Bastyr University, near Seattle

"Exploring the Science of Intuition and Consciousness: Enhancing Healing in the Medical Environment." This event at Bastyr University near Seattle, Washington was the first accredited educational event on "Intuition" for professional Healthcare Providers in the country. This event was hosted by The Institute of Noetic Sciences and Byrd Estate Law. Filming by REL Productions. Our other corporate sponsors for this event was a mix of both mainstream and alternative companies! Our sponsors for this event were: Car Pros Hyundai, Ayush Herbs, Digital Print Services, Barnes and Noble, Quality Inns and Suites Seattle Center, Seattle International Association of Near Death Studies, GreenWorks Realty, Living Shelter Design Architects, PLLC, Dahn Yoga, Whole Life Pages, Maharishi Enlightenment Centers, The Breath Connection, Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection Seminars with Doctor Eric Pearl, Christine Upchurch Reconnective Healing Practitioner Mentor, Emerald City Akido, and Susan Burns MA, LMAC Holistic Psychotherapist.

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Sample of event audience, content, and filming
at our Bastyr University event

Asian Art Museum event images
Images of our Estate Planning Seminar at the Asian Art Museum in Seattle

This event was the first corporate sponsored estate planning seminar in the country. Our client Estate Planning Attorney Stan Byrd gave a great educational performance that netted 50 appointments which produced 25 clients and close to six figures in new business. Our Corporate sponsors were: Pacific Galleries, Multi-Plex Solutions, Alexandria Rossoff Fine Jewelry, The Tahoma Clinic, and Seattle Design Build.

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Sample of event audience, content, and filming
at our Asian Art Museum event in Seattle


Stanley R. Byrd Endorsement

Robert Levine, JD endorsement

Scottsdale Institute for Health and Medicine endorsement endorsement

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Contact Information:

Donon Regan
Phone: 512-363-0481

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